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I’m eager to introduce my projects to you. They are exclusive and can be found only on this site.

Sincerely, Larisa Rovenskaya,
the projects author and the president of independent film studio “Mission Studio International”.

  These projects will help to save our civilization!

  Nowadays, at the beginning of the third millennium, there appears a desire to stop, look back and think what knowledge people have got for the past 2000 years.

·         What moral standards and human values do they possess?

·         What worries them mostly and how do they correlate with themselves and with the surrounding world?

·         Why do people, even religious ones, kill each other with pleasure? Why is terrorism so common nowadays?

·          Has our indifference changed the importance of human values? Why does it let people prefer material values to spiritual ones?

·         Speaking of human responsibilities we have entrusted our generation with “Human Rights Declaration”, but we have forgotten to explain them their duties. Why?

·         Why have we, clever people, failed to love each other for the past 2000 years? Why???

Everything mentioned above refers to Us. It is a true but not pleasant picture of our life. Someone would like to deny it but will they find the words to justify what is going on in our dying world in which We are its direct participants.

This is the introduction to the TV project “
In searches of true, or So who Am I? ” written in 2008. The film project " The Beauty will save the World ", had been made 2 years before. It consists of 12 films and its title speaks for itself.

Both projects were created as independent but they complement each other. Each of them will let people look into their souls and lives and get the answer to the question “Who am I and why am I on this planet?” It will become a starting point in the further life of each of us.

The third theatrical project "
Benignity and Eternal does not know Borders " is the final continuation of the first two.

A special fourth project on creating the "
International Alliance of cinematographers " ("Renaissance") will be carried out with Indian cinematographers. The aim of the project is to unite the best creative powers of cinematographers of the world.

Our Studio has announced a script competition. Its topic and conditions are introduced in "
Appeal to Cinematographers of the World ".

The production made under the guidance of the Alliance will show people how to live on a cleaner Planet, in both ecological and moral senses.

The Open Letter , an appeal to all progressive and creative intelligentsia, is situated in the section “Our Mission”.

The scientific support of the projects is realized by the United Nations Institute of Intellectual Technologies. I invite you to support "
Our joint Declaration "..

If you care of your life, your children’s and grandchildren’s life, if you are not indifferent to our dying world and want to join us to make the first step which you’ve long been dreaming of – Welcome!

We invite like-minded people, helpers, participants, volunteers and ideological encouragers. We’ll be happy to have each of you if you come to us with a bright smile, honest thoughts, friendly and ready to help.

We also invite
directors of TV channels, investors, producers, stage managers and everyone who is ready to cooperate with us.

The site “Mission Studio International” includes those questions which you often ask yourselves. You will find the answers to those questions in our films and TV shows. Read and send your commentaries to us.

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