An independent film studio “Mission Studio International" located in the center of Hollywood (Southern Florida)

is created for realization of the international film-project " The Beauty will save the world ”, including 12 films: 10 feature films and 2 documentaries. Feature films are devoted to attempt of restoration of the lost moral norms and universal values and documentary about history and modern knowledge of the Earth and the Person.

The main slogan: “the Harmonious world in the third millennium - not a myth, but a reality and necessity!”

Innovations and the complex decision of projects independent and simultaneously supplementing each other projects (film-project "
The Beauty will save the world ” and the TV-project “ In searches of true, or So who Am I? ”) draw attention well known cinematographers and scientific advisers from the different countries of the World is will allow investors to enclose the means in a sure version of business, and to cinematographers will give an impulse for creativity.

The film-industry with its unlimited opportunities and talented experts will create 12 films under the offered competitive scripts, and distributors of a high class will open the road to spectators on world movies market.

We firmly trust that the combination of our passion, an ingenuity and talent are a guarantee of success.

Our mission - to help all people of the Earth to find itself, to find their own “I” that everyone has fell that he has come to the Earth for love and creation.

1.        About the Studio: In studio there is not presented pavilions being habitual for a film studio, there are no dressers rooms, property rooms, make-up rooms etc. For manufacture of films it is planned to use industrial bases of Hollywood, Greenwich Studio. .

2.        Who are we? .

Larisa Rovenskaya –     The president of the independent film studio "Mission studio International". Author and Project Manager "Beauty will save the world", the TV project - "In searches of true, or So who Am I?", Project "International Alliance of Cinematographers "Renaissance"". Professional executive producer and producer of movies with twenty-year experience in the film industry. The born organizer and generator of ideas. The fanatic of movie profession. Miami. USA.

Mikhail Vornovitskiy -     The main Adviser and the Auditor. Irreplaceable Helper. The Editor and the Critic. The Mathematician and the Programmer, The Aesthete and the Philosopher. Favorite expression: first of all it is necessary to realize "what for to do, what to do, how to do?” And the main thing to not do much harm. Miami. USA.

Lutaurus Kazakevichus –     Main Adviser of Theology. Professor. The intellectual. The fine interlocutor with encyclopedic knowledge. Favorite expression - is "cozily". Brussels. Belgium.

Martin Van Goubergen -     Main Adviser of Philosophy. Professor. The most charming woman, the scientist and mother of three talented children. Doctors degree - "Russian philosophy". Brussels. Belgium.

Igor Belokon -     Main Adviser of Psychology. Professor having a talent to listen others. Miami. USA.

Valery Gusev -     Writer, scriptwriter and the editor on selection of competitive scripts in Russian language. Character like D Artagnan - the choleric person. Tashkent. Uzbekistan.

Uladimir Tratsiakov -     Scientific Adviser of the Projects. Professor. Dr. Philosophy, the Academician, Director of web institute of Intellectual Technologies at the United Nations. The Scientist-innovator, ideological inspirer, optimist, generator of ideas, who constantly charges all with energy. Minsk. Belarus.

Nikolay Krukovskiy -     Main scientific adviser concerning the Aesthetics. Professor. DAc. (Philosophy), distinguished expert on an aesthetics and cultural science. Scientist, captivated and light person, has accepted with enthusiasm and with huge desire our projects changing the World. Minsk. Belarus.

Hector Millan –     The main consultant and analyst for the financial, economic and investment questions. Diplomat. Worked in multiple countries around the world. Leading consultant for WTO (World Trade Organization). Intellectual and ally. Taciturn, but an interesting interlocutor. His scope of knowledge is amazingly deep and his kind eyes look at the world with forbearance of an analytic. Considers his duty to contribute to the projects of Mission Studio International. Likes to travel and enjoys Chilean and Uzbek cuisine. Geneva. Switzerland. Santiago. Chile.

Veronica Millan –     Consultant and Translator for the countries of European Union, ally and just a beautiful person with bright charismatic personality. Favorite hobby - watercolor. She brings joy and originality through her batik. Geneva. Switzerland. Santiago. Chile.

Vladimir Terkin –     International law attorney. Professional of the highest class. Ex-prosecutor, major-general of Justice with impeccable reputation. A man without fear and reproach. Seriousness together with the great sense of humor. Accepted our projects with the hope of changing the World to the best. Favorite saying – No fence against ill fortune. Blagoveshchensk. Russia.

Our stuntmen –     “Golden stuntmen guild of Russia” – 10 people joined the Mission Studio International. They have a rancho and 12 horses in California. They are in perfect physical shape and are still in demand. Total of 15 years of experience working in the cinematograph in more than 70 films. They are able to perform automobile and equestrian stunts, stunts with fire, high falls and many other, the most desperate and most amazing stunts that will leave the viewers dazzled. This group has worked in many countries all over the world with many famous directors and actors such as Souheil Ben-Barka, Jackie Chan, Omar Sharif, Sergey Bondarchuk and others. California. USA.

3.         The President of “Mission Studio International” about itself. My profession is an integral part of my life.

Experience:   The Professional production manager and the film producer - twenty years experience in film production. Worked in about hundred pictures - documentary, popular scientific, educational, production, custom-made, television, and fiction.

Education:   Theatrically-art institute (film-faculty on specialties: the production manager and the theatre director), Management rates in "ВГИК" at State cinema of the USSR. Diploma – "The American film-industry".

                And the last about itself:

·         Character proof, easy, sociable and not-conflict.

·         I love people and dogs, the order and accuracy, cleanliness of mutual relations.

·         I do not like gossips, bootlickers and fools.

·         I appreciate in people professionalism and intelligence.

·         I am very strong person knowing, that for realization of projects, I will have enough forces and professionalism.

·         I wish to help to all people of the Earth to find who they are, that everyone will fell that he coming to this World for love and creation.


Sincerely, Larisa Rovenskaya.




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