“The Beauty will save the World”

International movie project


I. Introduction

One after another the generations come to, and leave, this planet, and each generation brings forth individuals who seek the answers to the sacramental question about the meaning of our existence. This is true, especially in this time of wars, global sufferings, or the run of bad luck, which can haunt each of us.

An enormous world surrounds the human being. We are totally unaware of what will happen to us tomorrow, or of why something happened to us today. We have to scrupulously study this world so that we that we can understand why we exist, and what is going on with us, and around us.

We believe in love, but as a matter of fact, we do not know the meaning of love. We discuss good and evil, equally unaware of the meaning of both. Eventually we die. And it is only with our last breath, when our whole life is rapidly flying by in our mind, do we get to understand that we have failed to achieve something of importance, or did not even give a thought to why we have lived on this Earth.

Has anyone asked him- or herself the questions: What am I? Why have I arrived on this planet? If “not”, then why? If “yes”, then did I get the answer? We have come to this life and live on the impulses of our genes and from the prompts of the world around us. Our life is one of vanity; our fantasies are too primitive to ask ourselves about our reason for being. It is very unfortunate, but only very, very few people engage in such thinking.

We were created by nature, so we are destined to exist and we are given to nature’s mercy. But where is this taking us if:

·   On the one hand, the ecological problems, deadly diseases and mass drug addiction of our century (in spite of tremendous efforts of medicine) allow death to take away people mercilessly.

·   On the other hand, some male violent leaders (and even some religious leaders) incite whole peoples to fight like wild animals in the name of victory and their egos. They nurture hatred in their children according to their own values, because of their own artificially created ethical contradictions.

·   Sixty years after the Second World War (the bloody slaughter-house of millions of people) it is still dominating our minds, but young people of the new generation are already marching in the streets with the fascist emblems on their sleeves. But what makes it even more staggering and startling, is that we, like detached and careless observers of all this bacchanalia, are quietly standing by while our quiet voices of indignation have faded in the loud march of fascists. Indifference is the last and most destructive disease of this Planet.

We perform good deeds and commit bad actions, we bear children and we kill. We can be great but we are too lazy. More often than not, we turn out to be a nobody or a nothing, either indifferent observers or militantly evil biomass.

  More than a hundred years ago Fyodor Dostoevsky wrote: “The Beauty will save the World!”
In Dostoevsky sentence, the word “Beauty” is a moral and humane beauty, the deficit of which is ruining mankind.
The hope that "Beauty will save the world" is in the deeds of humanitarians whose social mission is serving "The Beauty and The Goodness".
Unfortunately, the hope for salvation did not come true in the 19th or in the 20th century.
Moreover, new irreversible and horrible threats have sprung up, including ecological crises, world terrorism, revival of fascism and our indifference.
Mankind expects this miracle come true on its own. But it will not.
At the start of the new millennium, this magic, captivatingly promising words are chiming in our ears: “Will the Beauty Save our World?”

  Today our world is stricken with serious diseases, hatred, violence, and over them loss of moral and universal values has led to degradation of a society. What inheritance is in store for our children? What future is awaiting our grandchildren?

There is no time to wait. It will be too late too soon. We may already be too late. Something must be done without delay. The moment has come when all the creative humanitarian intelligentsia of our planet cannot afford to indifferently watch the events going on in the world. The intelligentsia has never been indifferent to the fate of the world. They have always been the leaders of progressive thinking. That is why today they are capable of bringing back a spiritual renaissance; the renaissance of conscience and harmony. The world of harmony in the third millennium is no longer a myth; this can be a reality, and this is a necessity!

The main problem of the mankind became the loss of the main moral, ethical norms and universal values, and, as consequence, all todays conflicts.

All forms of art represent esthetic beauty created by man, but, to our great misfortune, people read too little. Nevertheless, not all of them are able to visit concert halls, to go to the theater, to museums, a the cinema became mass, most favorite, accessible, most clear and influential kind of the art, capable to mention the most secret strings of human soul. For this reason the international film-project “The Beauty will save the World!”, which is the appeal to people of the Earth has been created. It is that diplomatic step to reason of Earthmen which will help to stop or, even to suspend the Harm and to return to the World - the world of conscience and harmony.


II. Project: “The Beauty will save the World”.

The main idea of this project: To try to keep a civilization and the Planet force of art of the film, to stop wars, terrorism and our degradation, to help everyone to find own "I" and to remind, that it has come to the Earth for love and creation.

The main task of this project: To create a number of the highly artistic films reminding and restoring establishing the basic moral values of the person regardless of sex, age, race, religion, or way of life.

Theme for thinking:

There are many religious books where all confessions preach love for man and God, although:

·         Why do the faithful take the most active part in wars, violence, and terrorism?

·         Why are people killing with overwhelming joy and pleasure?

·         Why by us are forgotten and thrown out from a life of a precept of the Creator, become for a long time secular?

·         Why we are indifferent to attempts of revival of fascism?

Our films will help every one of us to look into ourselves and will make all people inquire about their own selves: why am I, why have I come to this planet? What are love and hatred, good and evil, what are the laws of life that we pursue? Are we living in harmony with our conscience? What do people need to be happy?

The expression “Non-resistance to Evil” proclaimed by Buddha more than 2500 years ago has turned into a paradigm for all religions of the world and has already become the dream of humanity as the ideal of high morality. Philosophers claim that the concept makes sense only if the evil proper is determined; therefore, our films are destined to serve as reminders to everyone, that it has come to the Earth with the main mission - for love and creation.

Our films will have a great impact upon all religious believers (more than 5 billion people) because the Commandments are the eternal, strict which laws, which any believer must follow during his life on this planet. At a seeming simplicity, the Precept set rather high norm of morals, which serves as the mortgage of safe existence of human generations.

The offered project unique - at it is not present analogues in a world cinema.

In the project, 12 films:

·         10 fiction films about main moral principles and human values will be made. These principles and values are contained, for example, in the Ten Fundamental Commandments of the Creator in the Jewish and Christian religions. The same norms and values in different expressions are contained in other religious beliefs, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Confucianism etc.

·         Two documentaries will be made of the history of the earth and the mankind, main sacred places on the planet and the Seven Wonders of the World, all contemporary knowledge about the earth and the man, whether we are on the planet by chance or by the force of natural result, and much more.

However, these films are not about religion. They are about basic moral issues, about human values, which Man can follow during his whole life on earth. Our films are called for to remind people about this and will revive these ancient values.

With the view of making the project “The Beauty will save the World” successful, the film studio "Mission Studio International" has been opened. It announced the international competition of screen scripts within the project and invites you to participate. See "
The Appeal to Cinematographers of the World ".

The world can be changed and it is within our power. If only a part of mankind reevaluates its world outlook and the place of man on this planet, then we can say that our main goal has been achieved. And this is the crux of the actual and the noble purposes of the project.

Larisa Rovenskaya - The author of the project “The Beauty will save the World”


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