Project for the creation of the International Alliance of Cinematographers


Of the message the agency "Lusa": 12 December 2008, in Poznan over XIV International Conference of the United Nations devoted to global climate change Planets. The President of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (GIEC), winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 2007 Rajendra Pachauri said the possible serious consequences of "inaction" the world community: - "For Humanity is a critical moment. If you do not take urgent action, the world will face unprecedented threats: large-scale droughts and floods, devastating cyclones, pandemics, tropical diseases, and even military conflict and the unprecedented migration of people".

More than half the worlds population (4.3 billion from 6.9 billion) lives in areas already experiencing a lack of fresh water and exposed to drought. The countries of the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, southern Europe, Australia, in particular face serious social conflicts and problems caused by global climate change. Scientists believe that the ecosystem of the planet at present is on the brink of destruction".


The initiative of establishing the International Alliance of Cinematographers "Renaissance" belongs to Larisa Rovenskaya - the President of an independent film studio "Mission Studio International" (USA).


I. A look at the distraught world.

·      Mankind is led to the irreversible processes of our planet. Look around you, what happens to people inhabiting the Earth: Physical prevails over the spiritual; Evil wins Kabul. We are “polluting” House in which live by our own hands, and do not want to see what had become like our Earth?

·      We are afraid to drink water every day by intentionally poisoning themselves.

·      We coolly destroying nature, animals, and can easily kill one another...

·      We are mired in malice and war, to raise their children to open themselves to such hatred.

·      We stopped to hear and understand each other, and our charity is manifested only struck us trouble?

·      Terrorism, the return of fascism and indifference has become our way of life.
And a sea piracy - to a pain ridiculously are we have rejected itself on 1500 years ago by an epoch of development of mankind

·      We are afraid that someone first clicks on that terrible button to install their own hands, and our Earth scattered to pieces.

·      We do not trust each other because we know in advance that we lie and forget their promises before that it promised, and our children are even more sophisticated lie to us already.

·      In protest, we send our planet floods, earthquakes, typhoons, hurricanes and disease.

I suggest each of you to ask yourself one question: What do we leave a legacy for our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren? Your answer will be the beginning of our activity.


II. What is the International Alliance of Cinematographers, and why is it good?

Establishment of an International Alliance of Cinematographers - this is an important milestone in the history of not only film but also in the history of art, because on Earth there are people who do not agree that it is happening on Earth, people, their creativity can withstand the damaging of all to the eyes of the world.

Activities of International Alliance of Cinematographers “Renaissance” - this is the momentum and a new direction in international affairs filmmakers. Alliance “Renaissance” - this is not an administrative organization dealing with routine paperwork, an independent pioneering studio professionals - cinematographers, their art can change the world for the better.

The basis of the Alliance led concerned about the future of our planet. You can also point out that not only Bangalore, but also the majority of film raises the issue today.

Film Festival - is primarily a celebration of cinema, the achievements in this area, which is the anticipation of future films. But at the end of the festival, most cinematographers, returning to his home, leaving the dream of future productions as soon as possible after the meeting with the problem of investment.

The idea of creating the Alliance has, for two reasons:

·      Investors Demonstrate creativity of talented cinematographers, whose films will be directed to the world of hire, and reliable return on investment.

·      A film will send your potential rental world that the audience had the opportunity to see all the best that would be created modern cinema.

Also, it will be possible to create an editorial board of the famous film directors and writers, which will choose the best scenario of the announcement of competition scenarios.


III. Mission Alliance.

·      Combine cinematographers to their art enable the viewer to enjoy the talent of 21-century cinema.

·      Encourage each film produced under the auspices of the Alliance, had a high artistic level, helped to solve the fundamental problems facing researchers and practitioners, but also has attractive qualities for the audience.

·      The decision means the cinema of moral problems and moral degradation of society.

·      Entertainment is responsible for the spiritual and moral health of the younger generation has a moral responsibility for everything that relates to film and takes place in the world.

The need to create the Alliance is motivated by the opportunities that arise by combining film for joint action to improve the moral climate in the human community:

1.        The attention of world public opinion will be drawn to the issues raised by us fundamental problems of the Planet;

2.        International Alliance of cinematographers will contribute humanitarization world cinema by the fact of its existence.

3.        Humanistic orientation produced under the auspices of the Alliance of film will do to invest in a movie attractive to investors, thereby enhancing the quality of films, will make it possible to rent them for the world of hire and do reach the purpose for which the Alliance was created - the film a positive impact on public consciousness and to open people prospects for a secure existence in a more pure - in the environmental and moral sense - the planet.

IV. Organizational matters.

·      Who can be a member of the Alliance and how to join the Alliance?
Cinematographers of all trades can enter the Alliance from any country of the World.

·      Work Program.

·      How to enter the Alliance?
Honorary membership in the Alliance, representatives of other professions.

·      Creating ideas bank.

·      Creating distribution Center.

·      Creating a Business Center.

·      Creation of the Press Center.

·      Financial assets of the Alliance.

The international Alliance of cinematographers the first will support this important document of 21 centuries and it will serve us as the beginning of huge work. Our films will be the first pages of the chronicle - implementations of duties of the person before the Planet the Earth.

V. We work for future generations, and each of us is responsible.

Academician Tretiakov wrote the first version of the Declaration of human responsibilities, which will be discussed in all states at all levels of authority and its executors. The international Alliance of cinematographers the first will support this important document of 21 centuries and it will serve us as the beginning of huge work. Our films will be the first pages of the chronicle - implementations of duties of the person before the Planet the Earth.

For us it is very important, that sources of Revival of the World of conscience and harmony will have a cinematograph.

It is today we must sow “seeds” future rights, gently water them, nurture and reform soil. These seeds forthcoming for our grandchildren, grandchildren and future generations - it is the duty of carrying the mission of creating cinematographers.

The full text of the description of the project "About creation of the International Alliance of Cinematographers "The Renaissance"" will be established on a site in the near future.

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Larisa Rovenskaya - Author of the Project Alliance International Cinematographers “Renaissance”.
The President of the independent film-studio "Mission Studio International".


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