Open Letter to

State leaders, Crowned Heads, religious figures of all confessions, international organizations, rectors of niversities, engineers and scientists, writers and poets, actors and artists, stage directors and producers, film studios and enterprises directors, to all progressive and creative intellectuals, to everybody who is not indifferent to the destiny of the World.

Your active participation and assistance in the support of noble, human and timely international film project "
The Beauty Will Save the World " can help save the humankind from destruction.

People, wake up!!! Look, what is happening on Earth!

·         Why do people destroy the nature, animals and kill each other so easily… do we give birth to the children for death after all?

·         Why do people, who stuck in malice because of their religious or any other disagreements, bring up children with open hatred?

·         Why should we shut our eyes to fanaticism escalation that causes only damages?

·         Why have we stopped to hear and understand each other?

·         Why do our love and compassion appear only together with the befallen grief?

·         Why did we substitute ethic values to philosophy of lies?

·         Why did power of mind leave the mankind? Where is our wisdom?

Look about!!! What were the last centuries marked with? What are we proud of and what are we ashamed of?

·         Medieval inquisition, on the bonfires of which scientists and thinkers of their time took death, but stayed true to themselves and to science, is the disgrace of mankind.

·         In the period of the Renaissance art spread its wings and left the great inheritance, which we preserve quiveringly.

·         “The Golden and Silver Ages” were the ages when literature and art, which now we are proud of, developed rapidly.

·         The 20th Century – the first its part left the bitterness of terrible wars. Still the First World War is fresh in memories of millions people, but evidently it hasn’t taught the mankind anything, in all the parts of the planet fascism straightens its shoulders.

·         The second part of the century was marked with not only great inventions of science and development of technologies but also with fatal diseases such as AIDS, drug addiction and others. Besides, expansion of weapon of mass destruction put the mankind on the edge of extinction.

·         Year 1970 is the year of beginning the new World Evil – “International Terrorism”. Innocent peaceful and helpless people perish from hands of crazy fanatics, who justify their actions with religious, national and political fight. Behind fanatics there are people who get financial profits, political and cheap popularity from terrorism.

Terrorism, return of fascism and our indifference are another shame of our time.
And a sea piracy - to a pain ridiculous - reject us on 1500 years ago.

People of Earth! Stop! Think! What for have you come to Earth, probably not for murders, evil and violence…

Today ask any person if he asked himself: who am I and what for have I come to Earth, what is honor and dignity, how does he understand the laws of morality and virtue, what values does he have, what is Right and Wrong, Love and Hatred, what is main and what is secondary in our life?

The main problem of the mankind became the loss of the main moral, ethical norms and universal values.

Today, at dawn of the third century, people experienced many methods of fight against terrorism, wars and violence. But any, even the most severe methods cannot stop this madness and our degradation. An absolutely unusual approach is ecessary.

The suggested film project “The Beauty Will Save the World” is created for this very aim.

Why the film project? Because:

- The film is the most influential kind of art. It is the most powerful instrument of mass propaganda.
    - A high and wise art of film can wound the most inmost strings of human soul and it will help to stop an evil.

In the project, 12 films (10 fiction films and 2 documentary films) about main moral principles and human values will be made. These principles and values are contained, for example, in the Ten Fundamental Commandments of the Creator in the Jewish and Christian religions. The same norms and values in different expressions are contained in other religious beliefs, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Confucianism.

Two documentaries will be made of the history of the earth and the mankind, main sacred places on the planet and the Seven Wonders of the World, all contemporary knowledge about the earth and the man, whether we are on the planet by chance or by the force of natural result, and much more.

Films will help to return a basis of moral principles lost by mankind, and also will help to reflect and understand itself and world around and direct the people’s thinking into the estuary of the good, of love and of creativity.

Our films will have a great impact upon all religious believers (more then 5 billion people) because the Commandments are the eternal, strict which laws. Pay attention! These films are not about religion and not an invitation to religion; this is an attempt to return ancient knowledge and elementary rules a person can live by. Only having changed mentality of people, Evil can be exterminated. There is no other way out today.

Remember! We have responsibility before the next generations! The World must response on Love, but not on hatred!

If we remain casual observers, Earth can never again hear voices of children and birds.

The world of harmony in the third millennium is no longer a myth; this can be a reality, and this is a necessity!

The world can be changed and it is within our power.

The film project “The Beauty Will Save the World!” has the aim to fulfill this important mission!

The detailed information about the project and about the international contest of scripts you can find on the Website: www.

Besides there you can ask questions and apply with suggestions and requests.


Respectfully, Larisa Rovenskaya - the author of the project “The Beauty will save the World”  



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