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Larisa Rovenskaya (USA), the president of the independent film studio “Mission Studio International”, the author of the film project “The Beauty Will Save The World!” and the TV project “In searches of true, or So who Am I?” and

Dr. Uladzimir Tratsiakou (Republic of Belarus), the director-organizer of the Institute of Intellectual Technologies performing scientific and information support to both projects,

·         Seeing the forthcoming threat of destruction of civilization,

·         Being aware of our personal responsibility to future generations,

·         Relying on the understanding and support of people of good will and free mind,

·         Believing in creativity and initiative and having assessed our own resources,

·         Assuming the various options for mutually support of one project by the other,

·         Realizing that someone must take the first step because it is high time,

have agreed to make this joint declaration, whose main task is to bring people’s attention to the need of saving the world, which is being destroyed at the present time.

Our world today is seriously ill with:

·         Almost continuous wars.

·         The escalation of arms production and illusory disarmament by increasing its destructive might.

·         The emergence of drug-exporting countries in addition to the countries - exporters of the weapons for killing people.

·         Humanitarian disasters, the deterioration of the human gene pool, cancer, AID and mass drug addiction.

·         Return of diseases of the past centuries, slavery and human trafficking, the growth of juvenile delinquency.

·         Diseases of Earth, poisoning of the biosphere and predatory attitude towards water.

·         The depletion of non-renewable energy and material resources of the planet, the threat of environmental, natural and technological disasters.

·         Dirty power of money, malice, envy and hatred toward congeners that have become companions of our everyday lives.

·         Death became a normal thing on Earth, the Evil looks more as an advantage than a disadvantage in the eyes of the people but for the Good which is viewed a stupid laughing stock for majority and our indifference which has become another terrible phenomenon on Earth, understanding of human values has become distorted.

When the human body is struck with the systemic disease, the symptomatic treatment is not enough. Systemic illness struck the human mega-organism: it is diagnosed that terrible disease which has not occurred in the history of modern civilization – the loss of moral principles and qualities, general human and spiritual values. Ultimately, it is the main reason for this accumulation of the urgent global problems, the resolution of which is possible by virtue of the Joint Human Mind.

The vast majority of the world, people of faith, but, strangely enough, many of them are actively involved in the terrorist attacks, war and violence. The first toy for their children has become submachine gun and the first skills - how to kill a man. So-called “spiritual leaders” lead their flocks to insanity, human lives are at their disposition and religion became a political game.

What happened to us, people? Do we give birth to children for being killed? Where is our wisdom and common sense?

Do you like living in this house stuck in the anger and hatred? If the space exploration provided an opportunity to leave Earth - reasonable people would do it but there is no such possibility. The world turned away from each of us. Although, we are the citizens of the planet Earth.

·         Can we resist this madness?

·         Can we stop terrorism and the death of our children?

·         Can we regain happiness in our house?

Yes, we can! We have sufficient intelligence and strength to make the world of moral ugliness into the world of joy and harmony! What and who can prevent us from this? Nobody! To do this we only need our desire!

In any extreme situation someone has to make a first and reasonable step.

Thus, in relation to this, there created two mutually complementary projects: the film project “The Beauty Will Save The World!” and the TV project “In searches of true, or So who Am I?” in order to change the world without war and bloodshed. Film production, as the most accessible art of beauty, can change people's thinking and influence the public consciousness. It is time to redirect the cinema from the visual aids of killing people and violence into the mainstream constructive creation.

The plan projects, that are offered to your attention, organically included in the ambitious re-evaluation of values, which people inevitably have to do because of the threat of self-destruction of the human civilization. Five thousand years ago the Commandments became the basic moral and ethical principles but nowadays, in the XXI century, everything got forgotten and irrelevant so that it led to the degradation of the society.

The main objectives of the project: :

    ·         Create 10 feature films and 2 documentaries (see project description on the website “”)

    ·         Start at one or more television channels the TV project “In searches of true, or So who Am I?” that by means of the super games will help each of us to understand ourselves –“Who am I in fact?”, will find out what prevents people from living in harmony with the world and being happy, will give everyone the opportunity to ask the question:" Who am I and why have I come to this planet?” and get an answer to it.

    We draw attention to the fact that the proposed projects are exclusive. In the history of cinema art and television there has been nothing of the kind.

    These projects are only the beginning of the general cleaning of our common home – Earth. For long it was time to clean it from dirt, lies and envy, malice and hatred, pain and suffering, wars and terrorism, a resurgent fascism and our indifference.

    It would be naive to think that these two projects, conceived as independent and at the same time complementing each other, despite their scale (thousands of TV programs and TV shows, ten feature films and two documentaries) would be able to change the human thinking and the human soul in such a way that people can overcome the global problems emerging over the centuries.

    The task of main project participants is more modest but still a global challenge: to begin this difficult but very important process of human unity, in which the vast majority of people on Earth interested because it ensures a safe existence of the following series of human generations.

    We invite writers and screenwriters, filmmakers and film producers, businessmen and investors, psychologists and scientists and all, who care about the fate of our World. It is probable that your support and participation in projects would be the first and most crucial step in your lives.

    We must remember that the disappearance of the past civilizations took place due to the similar problems. If we do nothing to prevent it now we suffer the same fate.

    Nowadays we have the opportunity to implement all our ideas and dreams. If we do not - then who will?

    Think and join us, we find work for each of you. What do you need for this?

    ·         To support the Declaration - click on "I support the Declaration" and leave a short comment in the section “Contact Us” and / or

    ·         Take part in the competition scenarios and / or

    ·         Attach your investments in these zero-risk exclusive projects and / or

    ·         Highlight the stages of their implementation in the newspapers and magazines and / or

    ·         Sponsor the channel for producing the super game - TV show “In searches of true, or So who Am I?”

    ·         And you, as the future film and TV viewers will expect the appearance film and TV shows projects with interest.

    Your constructive suggestions, questions and remarks on the projects can take place in the section “Contact Us”. The detailed information on the projects and international competition of the scenarios see on the site “ ”.

    We start with a clean slate. Luck is at our door, you need only to open it and it needs your support and assistance. Your participation in the projects and your professional experience will be used for the benefit of the future generations - THIS will be your mission on Earth. We stand at the threshold of the great events and transformations in which we invite you to take part. Being united we can begin the process not only of getting rid from the load of global problems but of restoring people's faith that harmony and love still exist on Earth.

    We are aware that the success of all our campaign to a large extent depends on the fact whether there is the opportunity for filmmakers, actors and producers of world-class like Steven Spielberg, Rupert Murdoch, Francis Ford Coppola, George Lucas, Frank Miller, Krzysztof Zanussi, Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen, Claude Lelouch, Roman Polanski, Mel Gibson, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, Marek Halter, Sean Penn, Rustam Ibragimbekov, Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, Harrison Ford, Robin Williams and others, to actively participate in it.  

    As for the humanistic-oriented project - we believe these cinema stars will appreciate it.

    Our Declaration served as a harbinger of a “ Declaration of Human Responsibilities ”, where one of the major responsibilities of each is proclaimed to be the conservation of life cradle on Earth.

    Finally, we want to conclude our Declaration with the words of a gray-haired man, 90 years old French photographer, writer and our accomplice, Henri Cartier Bresson: "In the world beset by thirst for profit, fooled by the technocrats and the prophets of globalization,- this new form of slavery, - there are still friendship and love”

    Our credo: :

      ·         Harmonious World of the third millennium – it is no longer a myth but a reality and necessity!

      ·         The World can be changed, and it is within our power.


    Larisa Rovenskaya, the President of the independent film studio “Mission Studio International”, and
    Dr. Uladzimir Tratsiakou, the director-organizer of the Institute of Intellectual Technologies.

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