Dear heads of TV-channels, producers, investors and directors!

  I introduce the TV show (the TV project) " In searches of true, or So who Am I? " This project was written in 2008.

Not long ago I showed it to my daughter and her friends. 20-year-old Americans were pleasantly surprised by it and said they had never seen and heard anything like that before. They added it was really interesting and that it would be a great success with different age groups, because the show raised the problems that hadn’t been discussed on TV before.

They were especially interested in the slogan of the TV show: “The most difficult thing is to learn to love you like!” Immediately there was a question: ”can it be taught?” I answered: “Why not? If many films have become teaching aids for murders, why can’t people be taught to love everything that surrounds them?”

I asked: “Don’t you deserve to be loved by other people and to give them your love with pleasure?”

I also asked: “How can we find our individual self the absence of which results in terrible complexes: rage, envy and hate?” One of the guests answered: “If adults aren’t sure where to search for it, how can we know?”

I listened to them and thought: it is so important for each of them to find the answers which their future life will depend on.

They started to discuss the topics introduced by the project. Then they asked on which channel and when they could watch the show and how they could take part in it, because questions like that constantly appeared in their heads and nobody could answer them. The liked the topics, especially; “A day without lies.”

Why have I told you about it?

Our children feel the lie instinctively and if they aren’t interested they will tell you about it, the display of their sincerity is the highest praise.

Such was an unexpected improvised discussion with my guests.

I thought there were lots of TV channels and entertaining shows in every house. It’s hard to surprise people with something new nowadays, especially American youth. But my project interested them!!!

The topics of the TV show are important today as never before. Our audience will include 4 generations – grandparents, we, our children and grandchildren.

The script is ready to be produced. We’ll be able to make the 21st century both the century of spiritual resurrection and the peak of creating a new way of human thinking.

Ladies and gentlemen! The TV project “In searches of true, or So who Am I?” is a safe way of your business and under the conditions of today’s crisis it will take an important place among numerous TV shows.

We invite directors of TV channels, investors, producers, stage managers and everyone who is ready to cooperate with us.

All suggestions will be considered. Mutual interest makes our dialogue possible.

I want to remind: the TV project “In searches of true, or So who Am I?” and the films of the film project "
The Beauty will save the World " can work as independent and can complement each other. A special program of cooperation and correlation of the Projects was created for that. It will be able to reduce the budget for making films.


Larisa Rovenskaya - The author projects, and President of an independent film studio “Mission Studio International”.

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