V.T. (from my first letter on Larisas appeal): I cannot remind other letter having given me bigger pleasure than yours. Because at Internet desert is found a human being who has responded, who shares you’re the very important principles, who, as you do, may not be agree with something and is trying to change it. It appears we wont have died from modesty, because both attempt upon not anything another but upon the human nature. How I may not say you thank you very much for that!

V.T. Larisas project I apprehended at once as an affair, which I can not refuse from. Moreover, I had nothing similar of the kind in my thoughts. Judge for yourself how may be otherwise if on February 14, 2002, St. Valentine day, I posted for web Forum driven by Club of Rome my appeal Get involved into the world-wide project: "Happiness On Earth the Planet", where I argued that the problem of happiness on Earth absorbs into it all the complex of problems facing the Humankind, and as that not to be overwhelmed under weight of the problem, it should be discussed by "all the world", since there are possibilities for that, Internet. After discussion at the Forum the text appeared For all that, happiness on Earth is possible. A participation of artistic intelligentsia in actions against violence and terrorism as global phenomena was foreseen there as well, and that is why Larisa Rovenskaya promoting her international project "The beauty will save the World" saw I have a kindred soul.
I have such an idea that supporting her Project I take a part in a noble but hopeless affair (but even if so I would support it). No, her Project has not small chances to be realized, at least to a considerable extent. Guarantee is her experience of successful cinema producer, taking a part in creation and promotion of about 90 films, fiction and documentary ones, what gives evidence of her big organization talent.
For me is important that Larisa Rovenskaya Project, being realized as if partially, will make for overcoming the clasterization of intellectual workers and moving the world nearer to creation of hopeful, self-supported and then beautiful system of civilization security


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