TV-Project “In searches of true, or So who Am I?”


Nowadays, at the beginning of the third millennium, there appears a desire to stop, look back and think what knowledge people have got for the past 2000 years.

·         What moral standards and human values do they possess?

·         What worries them mostly and how do they correlate with themselves and with the surrounding world?

·         Why do people, even religious ones, kill each other with pleasure? Why is terrorism so common nowadays?

·         Has our indifference changed the importance of human values? Why does it let people prefer material values to spiritual ones?

·         Speaking of human responsibilities we have entrusted our generation with “Human Rights Declaration”, but we have forgotten to explain them their duties. Why?

·         Why have we, clever people, failed to love each other for the past 2000 years? Why???

Everything mentioned above refers to Us.

It is a true but not pleasant picture of our life. Someone would like to deny it but will they find the words to justify what is going on in our dying world in which We are its direct participants.

The science was always engaged in world investigation, investigation of Nature, and only among the other things, “on leftovers” it studied a person, in other words investigation of the Person. Disbalance of knowledge about out world and about a person, according to some evaluations, is characterized by the correspondence of 100:1. So, the Person for the Big Science and for society is mostly “a black box”.

That’s why it’s hard for us to acknowledge the fact that we, civilized people, immersed to the lips in wars and terrorism, can’t find a common language with each other. We can’t find the way out of this bad situation which exists in the world. We also can’t take responsibilities for it on ourselves, because there is the main human problem in the basis of it all – we’ve lost moral standards and human values the absence of which resulted in the society degradation.

It is evident that we should restore these standards and values. But how to do it? Cinema and television were chosen out of all other possible means as they appeared to be the most favorite, accessible and understandable art forms which are able to influence spiritual and moral health of our and next generations.

The project “In searches of true, or So who Am I?” was made to make the work of the film project “The beauty will save the World” more effective. But both projects appeared to be able to work independently. They can also complement each other. A special program of cooperation and correlation of the Projects was created for that.

The effectiveness of the TV show will be reached owing to the suggested topics in the form of the final game and situational tasks. This show will help many people to look into themselves. It will give the answer to the key question: “Who am I in this world?” It will help to understand what prevents us from living in harmony with ourselves and with the world and to be happy. It will make everyone think over the question “Who am I and why am I on this Planet?”

·         Why in the 21st century the Evil is considered to be more virtue than a disadvantage and main life-asserting principle, and Goodness is considered to be almost foolishness, which is regarded graciously with?

·         What laws do we live according to, are we in harmony with our conscience, and what do we, people of Earth, need to be happy?

·         Are the Commandments of the Creator actual in the 21st century?

·         Is it possible to build your strategy of life in advance?

·         Is it possible to make clear out of the planet?

·         How to keep the cradle of life on the Earth?

The main task of the project is to arouse the inner world of every person, to help him/her understand and find their individual self and to teach everyone to love their like. All this will be done with the help of the final game.

A person is always interesting to himself, and this interest becomes especially sharp when the person meets with any difficult problems of life. People investigate themselves all their life and sometimes they find themselves in a state of dissonance with themselves and with other people around. The programs of the Project, touching the deepest interest of the TV-viewers – the interest to themselves, should help to the people to see themselves from the unusual aspect for themselves – from outside. Every such program can become a discovery of themselves and an answer for the key question: “So Who Am I in this World?”

The authors and managers of the programs have quite a difficult task – to organize the TV-show in the way it would be interesting to watch and to listen to them, in the way every program would be expected, looking forward to pleasure of discussion, in the way there would be quite many people eager to take part in the TV-show that will give the opportunity to select the best main participants of the discussion – bright mouthpieces of their own principles and public opinion. At the end of every program it would be possible to give “the home task” – situation tasks like: “How would you act in this situation?”

During years of constant discussions of the films with participants of the programs the viewers will be able to get much moral, ethic and spiritual knowledge that will make the effectual power of public conscience renewal.

The most important that the TV-show includes a vast reassessment of values that people should make inevitably due to the threat of the human civilization self-destruction.

But it doesn’t mean that our life catastrophes made us lose our sense of humor. We can laugh at ourselves. That’s why you shouldn’t think that these topics will be boring and that you will fall asleep during our TV show. Otherwise, the show will be bright, funny and educational. Laughter, humor and surprises will be the main symbol of zest for life, optimism and hope that our planet isn’t lost for us and that it is the main place of our living, it is our home.

The last important moment! Our audience will include 4 generations – grandparents, we, our children and grandchildren.

Will believe that:

·         A harmonious World in the third millennium is not a myth anymore it is a reality and necessity!

·         The world can be changed and it is within our power.


Larisa Rovenskaya - the author of the TV-Project “In searches of true, or So who Am I?”



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